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Getting Married in NJ Frequently Asked Questions

Who can marry us in New Jersey? You can get married in New Jersey by a judge, mayor, county clerk, chairman of any township committee or any minister of any religion.

How far in advance of our wedding date do we need to reserve your services?
We accept requests up to 8 months in advance.

How do we arrange a meeting to meet with you?
The best time to meet with you during the week is in the evening at a mutually arranged location or in the early afternoon on the weekends. Please fill out the online form to arrange a time to meet.

How do we reserve your services for our wedding date?
To reserve your wedding date, please mail a signed contract along with your deposit to us . When we receive the wedding agreement, your wedding date will be scheduled on our calendar and we will send you a confirmation email.

How long is the wedding ceremony?
The ceremony itself is 15 minutes long. With the processional and exit the wedding ranges from 20 to 25 minutes.

Can we write our own wedding ceremony?

Do you provide a rehearsal?
We can conduct a rehearsal for you, usually a day or two before your wedding day. In most cases, if you have a wedding coordinator they will run a rehearsal for you without the officiant present. We can also give you a wedding rehearsal worksheet which will give you an idea of how to run your rehearsal.

How do we go about getting our marriage license? You can apply for your marriage license at the local registrar in the town where the bride lives. Please see How to Obtain a Marriage License in New Jersey for more information.

What do we do with our marriage license after our wedding?
The marriage license must be returned to the township clerk to be recorded in the vital record of the State of New Jersey. We will return the license to the clerk the day after your wedding.

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